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About Us

rfm Construction Management Ltd offers clients the ultimate construction management service, an efficient alternative to the traditional construction process. A service that eliminates heavy financial risks for the client and, with structured management of each and every element of the project significantly increases the speed and efficiency to produce high-value results.

Our Story

RFM Construction Management was established in 2000 by our Founder and Owner, Patrick Rooney. Although the firm remains a family concern - rfm have, on occasion, scaled up to 150 tradespeople as and when projects require. Thus keeping overheads low whilst managing and advancing long-standing, trusted supply-chain relationships when necessary.

The business has been built on the philosophy that transparency and understanding build strong, committed working relationships with both Developers and Trades and, in turn, deliver to the best results. 

Over 20years RFM Construction Management have completed over 100 projects ranging from small flat conversions to complete multi-story office builds. We have worked in every Borough of London, from the City & Westminster, to Barnet, Brent, Kingston & Watford. Out of Town projects have been conducted as far afield as Reading.

With budgets ranging from £1m to £20m, RFM are proud to have made cost savings of between 10%-20% on each project when compared with like-for-like quotations from Main Contractor suppliers. 

We believe our collaborative approach is the way forward for the construction industry. Indeed, the advent of formalised BIM (Business Information Modelling) principles detailed in ISO19650 from January 2019 brings the industry much closer to the business practices that RFM have used since our inception.

The BIM concept allows effective ‘virtual construction’ of a facility prior to its actual physical construction, in order to reduce uncertainty, improve safety, work out problems, and simulate and analyse potential impacts. In this way, RFM coordinate input into the project from our contractors in every trade to allow a smooth-running project with shortened deadlines, reduced costs… and fewer disagreements!

Consequently, in recent years RFM have grown considerably. Testament to the quality of work, the reduction in costs on behalf of clients, and, not least, the development of the working practices in the industry.

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