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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

RFM Construction Management have honed our simple, effective and open-book process over 20 years. The process keeps decision making smooth & fast and ensures agreements are clear to all parties. Best of all, the process is designed to actually help save our client’s money.

Establish Initial Cost Plan/Programme – This can be at property purchase, pre planning or consent stage. Based on delivered project data and confirming prices from supply chain.

Design development to cost plan- manage & co-ordinate the process with full supply chain integration (rfm pre contract appointment)

Contract Cost Plan finalised at Stage 3 following client brief, design development and supply chain involvement.

Preliminary expenditure commences on reimbursable cost basis (nett cost to client)

Trade Contract packages procured on Fixed Price basis

Stage 4-5 design proceeds

rfm Construction Management full appointment- Fixed Fee, defined draw down against programme

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