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Why rfm CM?

With 21 years of experience in Construction Management (CM), RFM are well placed to understand and explain the benefits of CM as the best procurement route for the construction industry.

Simply put, Construction Management is a professional service that uses specialised techniques and software specific to our industry to oversee the planning, design, and build, of a project from beginning to end.


RFM Construction Management offer the most cost-effective, responsive and flexible approach to Design and Build by closely managing a portfolio of Contractors that we have worked with for over 20 years. Thus, allowing greater client control and full transparency of all orders and payments.


As opposed to a ‘Main Contractor’ approach, RFM Construction Management are incentivised to reduce Costs, Timings, and Quality effectively without the ballooning costs of projects commonly associated with the Main Contractor model.


The CM model works particularly effectively on projects worth £3m+ with typical savings versus the ‘Main Contractor’ model at between 10%-20%.

Ultimately, Construction Management is the best way for any client to maintain control over design specifications and quality whilst getting the most from the budget.

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